Szechuan and Its Food

Chinese Food in Twin CitiesSichuan (also known as Szechuan  in the states). The province of Sichuan is in southwestern China. It contains  many of China’s most interesting natural wonders, wildlife preserves,  archaeological sites, ancient engineering achievements, museums, and ancient  buildings that are unique in China. Szechuan is the home of panda which is a  rare animal in the world.

If you like spicy food,  Sichuan cuisine is as famous as Cantonese food, Shanghainese food and Shandong food.  Although, Sichuan food is very famous with its hot and spicy, not all Szechuan  cuisine is spicy. Some dishes even have five taste flavors (sweet, sour, spicy,  salty and bitter).
Country Style Chicken

Common ingredients of Szechuan  include chili peppers, peppercorns, Sichuan peppers (also known as flower  pepper), sugar, vinegar, dried orange peel, garlic, ginger, etc. Common cooking  methods are smoking and simmering, which allow all the ingredients enough time  to infuse food with rich tastes and flavors.

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